Eryl Norris

I’m a freelance children’s book editor and former archaeologist.

I used to work at publishing houses in the hustle and bustle of London but am now based in my little ‘office’ in Surrey. I started this blog a while ago and have since picked it up again as a way to keep connected with the world of children’s literacy. I’ll be posting about things that interest me in the world of children’s books – especially non-fiction of the illustrated kind.

I’m fortunate enough to be able to devote my working life to creating and nurturing exciting children’s novelty, non-fiction and picture books. I’m not able to post half as much as I would like to on this blog, so I’d be happy for any input or recommendations!

– Eryl

N.B. All of the views on this blog are my own.

I’ve also dabbled in travel writing, which you can see on Travelpod

Follow me on Twitter: @erylnash

Or email me at: spotunderthetree at gmail dot com

NB. This blog receives no advertisement revenue and has no incentive other than to inform and entertain.

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